I wonder..

I wonder about the future ALL the time, I always wonder what job I’ll have, where I’ll be living etc. I also wonder whether you only have enough luck for one great guy in your whole life. I always wonder whether someone better will come along or whether that was as good as it’s going to get and whether my luck has run out.

I always wonder how and when I’m going to meet someone I feel like my life revolves around it and to tell you the truth it’s starting to annoy me!

I wonder when I’ll be so invested with something that it will stop being such a big deal and that there will be more important ย things to consume my time with. I wonder how long this will take to happen…

I’m so ready to focus on something, anything else I’m ready to become so passionate and involved in something that my thoughts don’t drift off. I have been working on myself and focussing on self love and confidence, but I find that I can lose track of why I’m working on myself and my thoughts become muddled. I’m trying harder each and everyday to become more focused, but it’s a work in progress.

But isn’t the journey always more fun than the destination?


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