That time of year..


It’s that time of year again when life starts to get a little more stressful than normal and everything seems impossible, this is also known as exam period. This is without a doubt the worst time of year and I start to question whether all the stress is actually worth it (still up for debate!). I’ve been going through this process for the last six years and to tell you the truth it doesn’t get any easier, believe me I would like to say it does but it just doesn’t and I always go through the same process….

The process  start out with me being highly motivated and confident that I can get organised and accomplish everything I’d like to do in time; however, it doesn’t ever go according to plan. After organising all of my folders and books, writing out my notes in a neat and colourful fashion and printing out a handful of carefully selected revision timetables and to do lists my motivation slowly spirals down to none existent and that’s where the problems start. I find it really hard to motivate myself to get work done and procrastination takes an all time high!

This year I’m trying to push through this painful period and I’m trying a few different studying techniques to keep myself working until my exams. So I thought I would share them on this blog if this story is familiar to anyone else.

Studying Techniques: 


#1. A good way to organise your work load is to break each subject down into smaller topics you have covered. At uni the lecturers do this for you so I wrote them all down in a list and gave each topic a score of how well I understood it. That way when I come to revise I can see all the things I need to look at and how much I need to revise it.


#2. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you have done much revision and that can be demotivating. So I have made a revision chart, when I have revised for 1 hour I put a star sticker on the chart, I use different colour stickers for each subject. This has been the most helpful technique I have used as it really helps to motivate me as I can see all the hard work I have done.


#3. Another technique I have used is using an app on my phone to time myself so I know how long I am revising for. I do 25 minutes of work at a time with a 5 minute break as this has been seen to be the most beneficial way of revising. It makes revising a lot easier as it breaks the time down and you don’t feel you are working for too long.

These tips have been really helpful and I hope they help you too if you are struggling with ways to revise!



Disclaimer: these are not my own photos they are from tumblr.


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