Having a bad day..


Exam stress is starting to hit me hard and fast and everything’s getting a little too much for me.

I’ve been really happy with my revision so far and I’ve been revising  and more productive then I have been during any other exam period but today everything has started to fall apart a little.

I’ve been writing my notes out and concentrating with no distractions, no music or Netflix in the background, but in my revision lecture yesterday the stuff I thought I knew I didn’t and it’s really freaked me out. I just can’t remember any of the info and my exams are short answer so I kind of need to know stuff unlike last year where everything was multiple choice.

I really want to have a 2:1 average this year but I think I’m going to have to settle for just passing.

On top of this I really am considering whether this is all worth it, I mean I don’t actually know what I want to do with my life when I graduate next year and that scares me a lot!

I really am trying hard and want to do well but I’m honestly not particularly academic and I’m just not sure whether I belong at university.

Hopefully things will get better in the future but for right now things are difficult.



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