Hi… Hello.

So I’ve been writing this blog about myself and my life for a few months now and while lately I’ve been a bit MIA, I’ve returned to WordPress and to do this blog properly. Now I can’t promise it will be any good but I’d like to try my hand and it even though the thought of people that I have never met or even know reading details about my life scares me… A LOT… I would still like to try and put myself out there and also maybe help people who are going through the same or similar problems to me, which is always a positive.

This blog is anonymous as I would like to keep some things of my life private, however I am writing this blog as openly as possibly as I would really like to interact with other people. This blog is just me writing my thoughts and situations about my life, like a diary, however as I said the difference being I would like to interact with people.

As this is about myself and my life the topics I write about will be broad and whatever I want like relationships, work, fitness and lifestyle.

So as this is my first proper introduction, I guess, I will talk a little bit about myself… So like many people I wanted to start this blog so that I can express myself without the fear of being judged by people I know, this is due to the fact that I suffer from anxiety, like many it does tend to rule my life and the things I do and my interactions with people. I’ve been working on it by myself for a couple of years now as it really restricts me doing the things I want to do. Hopefully by putting myself out here on this blog (which is already giving my major anxiety) talking and opening up to people may become easier which is want I want more than anything as my anxiety did ruin my last relationship and I never want that to happen again!

And there you go.. a little snippet of myself and why I wanted to start this blog.. if you have started your blog for a similar reason please comment and let me know I’d love to talk to you about it if you have? Xx


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