In control..

Has having anxiety ever stopped you from enjoying yourself or doing things you want to do? If yes, then I can most definitely relate!

So today I went to Thorpe park with a couple of girl friends and we had a great time together and I wasn’t going to let my anxiety get in the way of that.

When it comes to my anxiety at theme parks it has nothing to do with the rides, if anything the bigger,faster and scarier the ride the better! It has more to do with the amount and different types of people there, I start to compare myself and make my self feel like I’m not as good as they are, they’re either dressed more trendy or are a lot prettier or skinnier than I am and it starts to make me crawl in my own skin and make me wish that I hadn’t have come.

So today I dressed comfy and comfortable, the way I wanted to dress and not to look cool or pretty, I dressed in a way that made me feel happy and confident in myself and my look. I did things and put myself in situations that were high in anxiety to show myself that it doesn’t control or define me, to some people these my be silly little things but are a huge deal for me, whether it’s singing in the car with friends or talking to complete strangers or expressing that I didn’t want to go on a ride but not letting my anxiety get to me while waiting on a bench alone.

To some people yes, these situations are completely normal but to me these situations scream anxiety.

I’m proud of myself for not listening to my anxiety today and for just enjoying myself and having fun. This post is to serve as a reminder to myself and to anyone that suffers with any kind of anxiety that you are in control of your life and you can do whatever you want just don’t listen to the voice in your head or that feeling in your stomach. YOU CAN DO IT!


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