This weekend.. 15/16-07-17


A majority of weekends in my house are spent with rushing from one place to another and my family are hardly ever together. It’s pretty CRAZY really as I work for 6 1/2 hours on Saturday. But this week I only had to work 4 which made me so incredibly happy! As I finished early I decided to head to the gym for a quick work out which was great because the gym I go to is empty on a Saturday which is always nice as with my anxiety I can feel a bit more relaxed and I can enjoy my work out a lot more. I also bumped into one of my really good friends in the gym, so a quick catch up was in order although we only last saw each other on Tuesday!

Once I finished my work out I headed back to my car and drove to Waitrose to pick up a birthday cake for my sister’s birthday, which I successfully carried out of the shop with ONE hand as I didn’t ask for a bag.. OOPS. After my return home my family were all there as they will now be home at the weekends so it was good to see them and play with my dog before my sister’s boyfriend came round and we went out for dinner to an amazing Italian restaurant (my FAVOURITE place to eat!) which has the most AMAZING garlic bread!


We had a lovely time out and the staff were so amazing they even put a candle in my sister’s desert and the whole restaurant sung happy birthday to her (which she hated haha). After that we just chilled and went to bed as we were all really tired.

Sunday morning, up bright and early at 8 and my mum cooked a lovely Full English where we ate outside in the garden and just sat and chatted which we don’t do very often. After letting our food go down and covering my sister in talcum powder and stuffing her into a wet suit we headed down to the beach to take my dog for his first swimming lesson, which he didn’t enjoy too much HA. We then had a mini game of cricket on the beach and my sister and I performed our best handstands and cartwheels. As soon as we got home my dog was asleep in his bed too tired from running after the ball throughout the game.

I spent the later part of Sunday relaxing in my room on my purple egg chair watching old Zoella videos from back in the day (only like 2012..) when Topshop glitter nail polish and Primark clothes were all the range, HA! After a lovely roast dinner I’m currently writing this blog after having a lovely warm bath and I will eventually retreat to my bed.

It’s been a fab weekend, what made your weekend special?


2 thoughts on “This weekend.. 15/16-07-17

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    Loved this blog post, the beach huts are so pretty! πŸ’— My blog:


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