Fitness and ab workout..



One of my biggest passions in life is health and fitness. I believe in a natural and holistic approach to health and fitness. I feel when on a journey to become fit one must not just work out or just eat healthy.. you have to do BOTH!

I’ve been active my whole life and have always enjoyed being active.

I’ve been training more ‘seriously’ since I was 16 to achieve a social media worthy body, weight training with little cardio.. I hate cardio! However, lately I’m attempting to change my workout routine from weight training to resistance training. As I have not seen any changes in my body for a while. I find that not only does resistance training make you look lean and shreds fat it also makes you strong. For example I can bicep curl 12.5kg but I can only do 2 chin ups. What good is it to be able to lift all that weight but not your own body weight??

A few of my goals to accompany my new style of training are:

  • to be able to do 5 chin ups in a row
  • to be a lean and have a strong body
  • to be happy, healthy and confident
  • to be able to do a headstand for for 30 seconds
  • to be able to handstand walk 3 steps

Some of these goals are only small but I want them to be achievable and to be realistic for me.

Here is an example of an ab workout that I’ve been doing for a while which really works for me and always leaves my abs burning (I’m currently tweaking this to tailor for my new training style)

Do these exercises 2-3 times

  • 20 sit ups
  • 20 leg downs
  • 20 toe touches
  • 30 ankle taps
  • 30 bicycles
  • 30 russian twists
  • 20 side sit ups (each side)
  • 1 minute plank
  • 30 second side plank (each side)

I hope this is helpful if you are looking at getting into fitness and are looking for new workouts to try.

Let me know what workouts and training styles you do so we can help each other out. X


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