Protein bliss balls.. 

SO lately I’ve been trying really hard to make small changes to my diet to achieve my fitness goals and improve my all around health. As you can tell by the title of this post I’m going to tell you about a snack a bought the other day as I was felling a little peckish before work and wanted something that was beneficial for my body as I’d just been to the gym. So I ventured to the free from section of Waitrose and food so many healthy snack bars. I decided to go for a bliss ball as I tried one a while ago and really enjoyed it.

The packaging was super colourful and really stood out on the shelf so that was another reason I chose it. I decided to try the coconut and macadamia ball. It looked so nice and had little coconut sprinkles coating the outside of it. 

The texture was really nice as it had a little crunch to it and was really chewy, which I like as it took my longer to eat as I eat really fast! 

I would definitely recommend trying a bliss ball as they are perfect for on the go and are healthy and really tasty! X 


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